About Me

My name is Jeremy Ginn. After a few years of working in PHP/MySQL, and a few more of .NET development, I began working as a Dynamics AX developer in early 2011. As I began learning the AX world, I thought it would be a good idea to record some of my observations, hence this blog. I hope to be able to use this as a personal reference at times when I may need my memory jogged, and if these posts can help anyone else who might stumble upon them, so much the better. I’m finally getting around to putting this into action, better late than never!

Starting this blog nearly 6 years in, I have some catching up to do. Many of my posts will be short and sweet, if not mundane. Some posts will be simply to make note of individual X++ methods’ usage, others will be to outline ways I’ve found to accomplish certain tasks. The methods I’ll detail here aren’t always the only way to do it. These are simply a few of the ways that I’ve found to do it.

From time to time I’ll also be making some posts related to some of the iOS and Android apps I’m working on, along with some SQL and good old .NET code.

Jeremy Ginn